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Once you own a pair of SAS shoes you can begin to understand what has gone into making them, and why, after a little more time you may come to feel they are the best made pair of footwear in your closet.

Take a moment to think about the shoes you’re wearing right now…you probably haven’t given much thought to where they were before they landed on your feet. But an SAS pair has had a whole host of experiences prior to leaving the factory and coming into your ownership. In fact, just one pair  can go through up to 100 different steps and assurances before they are declared SAS quality.


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Today, while many shoe companies have outsourced their production to third party contract manufacturers, SAS  proudly handcrafts their finest comfort shoes in their own factories.

Copy to come about women’s styles of SAS…

Here is a sampling of some of the many styles for men from SAS…