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SAS Women;s Patriot

Are you required to wear slip-resistant shoes at work? Then you know just how hard it can be to find a good fitting and supportive shoe with the right grip on the sole. With all the hazards in a kitchen, salon or hallway floor, having that added protection and knowing you won’t slip and fall is a real necessity.

SAS just expanded the slip-resistant line with two new shoes: the Patriot, for women, is a great slip-on shoe (so say goodbye to lacing up every day). This style has elastic panels on both sides to help give your foot a snug and flexible fit. And it’s also outfitted with water resistant leather!

SAS Men's Navigator

For men there is the Guardian, a slip-on slip-resistant shoe that has the added touch of a hand stitched construction and design on the front of the shoe. The Guardian also has water resistant leather and a slip-resistant sole.
Both styles have SAS Tri-Pad Comfort™ and removable CoolStep™ footbeds that are antimicrobial and anti-fungal. And they have comfort you’ll only find in an SAS shoe.